About Jann


Jann Galino is a professional comic book and conceptual artist.

He worked as freelance for various local and international projects since 2009, from comic book illustrations, online RPG conceptual and character designs to film storyboarding.

Few of his works include The Communist Manifest: Chapter 3, Gutters Issue #101, Demon Codex: Spectrals, 4.2.3, Double Cross, Part-time Gods Part 1-4. His local published works include Majarlica: Bayan ng Agimat, The Anvil Jose Rizal Reader, Ang Mandirigma.

He became part of “Renaissance: Ang Muling Pagsilang”, a charity book that contains artworks from selected Filipino artists around the world.

Jann made an art of Romanian personality Ion Luca Caragiale which has been exhibited in an International Exhibition of Portraits and Caricatures in Bucharest, Romania.

He is the penciller and character designer of the on-going action comics’ series entitled “Ranger” from U.S. based independent publisher Azure Press.

Recently, he worked on concept arts for the new 3rd Eye Games RPG (USA). He’s the artist of the recently concluded local superhero TV series My Super D.

The founder of Iloilo Comics Convention (Philippines).